Monday, November 4, 2013

Winter Family 2013

It was a chilly October morning for these family's photos!
They were troopers though and warmed up in between shots in the car!

Children's Photography 2013

Kids are always the cutest to photograph, but sometimes the most uncooperative too! I love some of the faces and poses I get! Children's photography is so much better when it is candid, and you don't go in with expectations! You never know how the kids are going to act, pose, or what they will do that makes you laugh! Here are a few kid's shots I did this summer!

Engaged: Jake & Ashley

I've been so busy this past year, I forgot to update! Whoops!
Here's why: I've been blogging a lot more at :)
I also graduated with 2 degrees, completed an internship, moved, got a new job and started graduate school!
Here is an engagement shoot I did this fall!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where did 2012 go?

Okay- so it has been FOREVER since I posted an update on here. I apologize.

For those of you that didn't know, I was busy planning a wedding! I got married in September so my year was pretty much consumed with dress fittings, invitation addressing, bridal showers, etc.

So here is a quick peak at photos that I took this year:

I had families, kids, weddings and engagements. I'm blessed with gorgeous friends who ask me to photograph them.
As I continue to do this, I will only be taking on a limited number of customers as I begin to transition into a new life a married lady! We are looking for a home, I'm interviewing for jobs and graduating from college. I work hard to get all my work out with in 4 weeks of a photo shoot, but don't want to overwhelm myself as I try to focus on being a wife and finishing college.

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and a look at these photos!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Isn't it funny how images can speak thousands of words.
The images I captured from the burn captured years of farming, life and memories going up in flames for many in the town of Cleveland, MN over the weekend.
Cleveland. Population 671. 
The elevator, when in full operation, supported many of those 671 residents of Cleveland. 
As times have changed the need for the elevator declined, so the piece of property became more valuable as bare land, not one with a defunct grain elevator on it. 
You couldn't help but see some sad smiles and tears in the eyes of an older generation as they stood and watched the burn. Many cameras came out to capture the destruction of the elevator. Many words of how bitter sweet it really is to see it go. Many people wondering what the town would look like without a landmark that people came to recognize while passing through on HWY 99. 
Cleveland. Population 671, now without one large and historical grain elevator. 

(Pictured above is a star, that was lit up on the elevator every Christmas for many years. It burned with the rest of the elevator on Saturday.)

Catching Up!

I did a couple family shoots this fall.
I had one gorgeous little baby girl. A beautiful mom and her 2 growing kids. And one of my favorite repeat customers for a on location shoot in Northfield! 
Here is a peek at what I did to catch everyone up!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What I did on my Saturday morning!

It has been forever since I've posted!! I apologize for my lack of postings! It has been a busy semester! 

This morning, I had the opportunity of being the photographer for Le Sueur County Emergency Management today at a training burn in Cleveland, MN.
Cleveland was home to the Sunderman's Elevator for many years, but after another elevator opened up in Le Center and the decline for the need of elevators, this one had minimum operation over the years. It started to become a hazard, so the Cleveland Fire Department decided to use it as a training burn. They invited other departments to participate such as Kilkenny, Eagle Lake, Waterville, Madison Lake, Eagle Lake, Le Center, Le Sueur, Kasota, St. Peter and Shakopee. 
What started out as pretty bitterly cold morning, quickly heated up once they started the elevator on fire.
People came from all over to watch the burn, and a little piece of history go down in flames.
My only regret from today- no one went and took the Chuckwagon sign down off of the elevator prior to burning it. It was a restaurant in Cleveland, MN and unfortunately the sign burned with the rest of the elevator. Too bad, it would have been a nice piece of nostalgia. 

(I will post more throughout the week as I continue to edit, but I had to quick share a few favorites from today.)